Catholic Guardian Services
Website Privacy policy

Thank you for visiting Catholic Guardian Service’s Website and reviewing our privacy policy.

The agency website will address privacy-related concerns of visitors and donors, including: (a) a method by which donors can request anonymity; (b) a privacy policy on the website that explains to visitors what information is being collected and how it will be used, how to contact the agency to review and/or change such information, how to request that the agency not share personal information outside the organization, and the security/encryption measures taken by the agency to ensure protection of the information; and (c) an “unsubscribe” function that provides visitors and donors the option of being taken off the agency’s mailing list.

Our website will provide visitors with hyperlinks to other websites external to and independent of the CGS website; such hyperlinks are provided only as a convenience to the website user to obtain helpful information or contacts pertinent to CGS services, and these hyperlinked websites should not contain language or information that supports any particular point of view or political candidate or material inconsistent with the agency’s mission and identity.  Pages containing hyperlinks will contain a disclaimer notice concerning hyperlinked websites to the effect (1) that such hyperlinks are not under the direct or indirect control of CGS and are provided solely as a convenience to the viewer; (2) that by clicking on the hyperlinks, the viewer will be leaving the CGS  website entirely; (3) that provision of the hyperlinks does not represent or warrant in any manner, express or implied, the accuracy of any information, or endorse any opinions expressed on the hyperlinked websites; (4) that the viewer will hold CGS  harmless for the content or nature of any hyperlinked website; and (5) that any questions regarding those websites should be made directly to the particular website and not on any of CGS’s feedback sections, if any.

CGS will, at its discretion, from time to time, undertake various editorial functions in managing its website, including updates of informational or promotional materials, removing or adding hyperlinks and making any other changes deemed necessary to maintain the website in accordance with CGS’s needs and requirements.