History of Catholic Guardian Services

Catholic Guardian Services is a well-established organization with a long history of providing comprehensive human services. We are entirely devoted towards aiding those in need, as reflected in our new tagline – Providing Help, Creating Hope, Preserving Dignity.


1899: Catholic Home Bureau founded by members of the St. Vincent de Paul Society as the first agency in the U.S. for placement of foster children in homes rather than institutions.


1908: New York Catholic Guardian Society founded to offer casework services to children being discharged from child caring institutions.

1909: First White House conference on children attended by leaders Thomas Mulry and Edmund Butler of Catholic Home Bureau to marshal government support and planning for protection of children across the nation.

1925: Maternity Services established to assist women facing unplanned pregnancy.


1930s, 40s, & 50s: Continuous development of foster care services.

1968: Agency operated boarding homes established for older youth.


1978: Inception of community based residential programs for persons with mental retardation and developmental disabilities.

1983: Agency establishes Family Daycare services.

1986-89: Shelter program for homeless women and homeless mothers with children is created.

1989: Creation of specialized foster care program to care for children with HIV and AIDS.

1998: Establishment of therapeutic foster family program to care for emotionally disturbed children in care.

2000: Programs to prevent child abuse and neglect are begun.

2002: Creation of specialized residential treatment services to serve foster care youth with mental illness and complex behavioral issues.

2004: Establishment of Juvenile Justice Services.

2008: Accredited for international adoption services.

2011: CGS and Rosalie Hall integrate services for pregnant and parenting adolescents and women in need.

2013: Rosalie Hall, Inc., founded in 1877 by the Misericordia Sisters, permanently merged into Catholic Guardian Services.

2013: Catholic Guardian Society and Home Bureau changes name to Catholic Guardian Services and adopts new tagline — Providing Help, Creating Hope, Preserving Dignity.

2014 - Developed shelter and family care programs for unaccompanied immigrant children seeking asylum and family reunification.

2016 – Developed Children’s Health Home Care Management Program to deliver comprehensive wrap-around care management for poor underserved children and families with chronic health conditions.

2017 – Developed residential care services for young adults with developmental disabilities on the Autism spectrum.

2018 - Opened CGS’ Family Center in the Bronx, providing trauma-focused mental health treatment to underserved children and families.