The 2018 Annual Campaign for Help, Hope and Dignity provides support for our Maternity, Foster Care and Developmental Disabilities programs. The minimum goal for the Annual Campaign is $2 million.  Leadership support is critical to the campaign because it creates the momentum needed to attract more campaign supporters.  All past supporters will be invited to make a pledge to the campaign. We ask that all pledges be fulfilled by June 30, 2018.



Parenting Resource Center – CGS’ Rosalie Hall Maternity Services supports vulnerable pregnant and parenting women who face the challenges of raising a family in a stable environment. Through our Parenting Resource Center, we provide parenting education, crisis pregnancy counseling, and resources and supports, including safe cribs and baby clothing. Our parenting education begins with pre-natal classes to improve the health of expecting mothers and their babies and continues with education for parents of toddlers and older children, teaching the stages of child development and parenting basics to build stronger families and reduce the risk of child abuse and neglect.

Elder Care Support Services – CGS is home to 200 adults and young people with developmental disabilities.  CGS has developed specialized homes to work with the elderly with developmental disabilities.  Our disabled populations are aging and in need of enhanced in-home to allow our residents to age in a safe, secure home. Their needs require additional nursing services and more staff to support individuals who have lost mobility.

Educational Support and Mentoring Services for Foster Care Youth – Young people in foster care from underserved communities often face inadequate educational support systems. Inadequate education leads to many poor long-term outcomes for young people who come out of the child welfare system, including increased rates of homelessness, substance abuse, incarceration, and the inability to find stable employment. Educational support services include tutoring, educational advocates, and mentoring. These services will increase the likelihood that our youth will have the pathway to a quality, independent life.

Youth Employment Services – CGS is a leader in Youth Employment Services for youth aging out of foster care.  Our Youth Employment Services (YES) provides our young people with the skills, opportunities, and support needed to gain employment.  CGS provides a proven curriculum, coaches and empowerment partners to develop and prepare young people to set goals, build their resume, prepare for job interviews, and obtain a job that will lead to a career. 

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