Catholic Guardian is pleased to announce a partnership with Hearts to Homes to support young adults who are aging out of our foster care program.  Hearts to Homes’ mission is to assist these newly independent young adults by providing the essentials to furnish a new home.  In creating a more comfortable living environment, Hearts to Homes complements other Catholic Guardian programs that help our foster youth make a successful transition to independence. This newest campaign will assist four young adults from our foster care program. An online “virtual” housewarming is being held. Please consider joining the housewarming and support our young adults. Every item purchased, and every dollar donated, will help our young adults move from Foster Care to First Home.


CGS is one of the largest foster care providers in the State of New York, serving approximately 1000 children annually throughout the New York City area. Protecting children and helping them gain a loving and permanent home is at the very center of our work and mission.

We provide both community-based family foster care services, working with foster parents who open their homes to children and youth who have been placed in the child welfare system, and group homes for adolescents, some of whom have special emotional needs or who are raising children of their own. Our foster families develop special skills to enable them care for children who have chronic physical conditions or who need mental health supports.  We also provide crisis intervention services and both medical and mental health services to those in our care.

Our primary goal is for children to achieve permanency as quickly as possible.  Each child’s family, either the parents or other kin, is engaged with our social service staff  to develop solutions that enable families to be reunited safely.  As an alternative, families can plan for adoption.

If you are interested in becoming a Foster Parent contact us:  718-228-1515 ext. 163 or ext. 174

One of our newer programs, which is at the heart of our mission to provide hope and dignity, is our Youth Employment Services (YES) workforce development program. YES gives young people in or formerly in foster care job-skills training, coaching support, and the opportunity to gain industry-based skills and employment through our partnerships with other organizations and employers in the culinary arts, aviation, IT, and health care sectors of the workforce. 


On August the 18th Catholic Guardian Services (CGS) hosted their inaugural Career Exploration Event for young men and women between the ages of 17 to 24 in our foster care programs. The event #LifeGoals2017 was held at the Bronx Zoo Schiff Family Great Hall.

The young people heard from inspiring and motivational speakers, who helped them design their vision and craft their career goals. Additionally, we discovered their interests to connect them to customized resources and services. The event was attended by over 100 people.

The event is part of CGS’ Youth Employment Services (YES), which offers career development skills and connects our young adults to employment and internship opportunities with our partners.

See Bronx News 12 Media Coverage here

For more information about YES contact us: 718-228-1515 x147 or x149.

CGS' Youth Employment Services Program (YES) gives young people in or formerly in foster care job-skills training and coaching support.

CGS' Youth Employment Services Program (YES) gives young people in or formerly in foster care job-skills training and coaching support.